Roll Cage Pre-Qualification (non compulsory)

To ensure as many teams as possible are able to compete safely, we will be performing preliminary inspection of roll gage geometry (See applicable rules in 2014 Tech Sheet South Africa under documentation section of website)


Teams who wish to make use of this opportunity should send a 3D CAD model of their roll cage structure (only) by 24 August 2014. Technical inspectors will then examine the roll cage geometry and provide teams with feedback. Please note that feedback will only be provided on the initial CAD model geometry supplied. Once this feedback has been given, no additional inspections of the roll cage geometry will be performed until the event.


Example of CAD part:


The geometry must be exported as one of the following file formats (in order of preference):


1.     Parasolid (x_t, xmt_txt)

2.     ACUS (.sat)

3.     STEP (.stp)

4.     IGES (.iges)


No native CAD formats will be accepted!


Teams wishing to make use of this can mail the geometry of their roll cage to

As a zipped file named according to: school name_Car_No _competition


EXAMPLE: University_of_Mpumalanga_Car_1_2014_South_Africa


Please note that passing this electronic inspection does not guarantee that the vehicle will pass safety judging. It will however improve your chances of doing so.