Design Report Objective

C3.1 Engineering Design Event Overview and Objective



The objective of the engineering design event is to evaluate the engineering effort that went into the design of the vehicle and how the engineering meets the intent of the market, as detailed in the Program Objective A1.1 and the Design Subject A1.2. Students will be judged on the creation of design specifications and the ability to meet those specifications, computer aided drafting, analysis, testing and development, manufacturability, serviceability, system integration and how the vehicle works together as a whole. Each of these parts of the engineering product development cycle will be judged within the following subsystems: Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Drivetrain/Powertrain, Chassis and Ergonomics.



The vehicle that illustrates the best use of engineering to meet the design goals and the best understanding of the design by the team members will win the design event.


Content of the report

The design report should cover the work done by the team during the design process of the current vehicle while keeping C3.1.1 and C3.1.2 in mind.


We want you to tell us what design and analysis work you performed on your vehicle for the current event. In short how you have made your design decisions, hopefully backed by some engineering work and logic. The point of the design report is you have to convince us you put some thought into your design, you did not just weld together a few pipes. The idea is not to try and find the easiest route to score a few points.


Please note that we are keeping the structure and content of the report open on purpose. Not everything is real life is as well defined as problems in a textbook. We would like teams to use their own creativity and logic to write what they think would be valuable for the judges to know about how they approached the design of their vehicle.


We understand that teams from the same university may duplicate some work and we will not penalize the teams for this. It is however important that you do not pass work off as your own when it has been done by someone else, this is called plagiarism. It is fine to use another team’s solution as long as it is properly referenced. If the judges feel that an unacceptably high proportion of the work in the design report is shared with another team, both teams will receive half marks. If a substantial portion the report is copied from a previous year, teams will receive zero. In addition, for both cases above, the teams total mark for the design judging will be halved.


Please remember that practicing engineers with full time jobs will be marking your reports. Please don't waste their time by rewriting the same content in different words (which a lot of the teams did last year), you will probably be caught out anyway.


Submission Procedure

Please submit design report, Roll cage spec sheet and design spec sheet according to C3.5 in the  Baja SAE South Africa rules and mail to before 08:00 on Friday 3 October 2014.