Cost Report Description

To clarify, the cost report is divided into three sections.


Overview (optional):

Teams can use this section to justify any possible inconsistencies in their costing sheets which may otherwise cause confusion:

·         Justify really high costs e.g. if teams have spent a long time on a specific manufacturing task due to lack of equipment.

·         Justify really low costs e.g. team has saved a lot of manufacturing hours due to some new innovate manufacturing technique.


Costing sheets:

For the 2014 South African event the currency used for the costing sheet was changed from Dollars to Rands. Using Dollars as the currency has in the past resulted in much confusion and many errors. The update was made to assist teams in this regard. Please note that this is the first time this sheet will be used. If any team finds any discrepancies please notify us a.s.a.p.


Unlike the design report (which should cover only the work done by the current team for the current event year) the cost report should cover the costs to reconstruct the prototype vehicle for the current competition year (including parts from previous years).

Please ensure the your cost sheets pass basic logic tests. For example, cars cannot assemble themselves in no time at all or be made of material that cost nothing. Marks will be deducted for incomplete cost sheets.


Cost Documentation:

The cost documentation section should contain copies of receipts, invoices, price tags etc. used to substantiate the cost of the vehicle. Please note that if this section is incomplete points will be deducted.


Submission Procedure

Please submit electronic version of cost report according to C4.2.4 in the Baja SAE South Africa rules and mail to before 08:00 on Friday 17 October